Southwest Veterans Foundation Announces Its Charitable Donation To Buffalo Soldiers of The AZ Territory—Ladies & Gentlemen of The Regiment

The Southwest Veterans Foundation (SWVF) recently announced a $1,000 charitable donation to the Buffalo Soldiers of the Arizona Territory—Ladies & Gentlemen of the Regiment. This donation was made to support the $440,436 fundraising requirement to erect a state approved monument at the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza.

Buffalo Sodier Donation-southwest=veterans-foundation

The SWVF presented this award to not only support the construction of the monument but to also recognize the heroic achievements of the Buffalo Soldiers’ service to our Nation. Michelle London-Marable, Deputy Commander, accepted the award on behalf of the Regiment and thanked the Foundation and the Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce for their support.

The Buffalo Soldiers Monument Bill was signed by Governor Doug Ducey to recognize and commemorate the historic contributions the Buffalo Soldiers made to America, often under the most difficult circumstances. Their courage in battle won them the great respect not only as fierce fighters, but as patriots loyal to their Country. In addition to their war-time service, the Buffalo Soldiers performed many other public service mission including guarding and help building several of our National Parks. Buffalo Soldiers served under the 9th and 10th Cavalry and the 24th and 25th Infantry Regiments.

For more information about the Buffalo Soldiers or to donate to their fundraising efforts, please visit

The SWVF is the charitable arm of the Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce (SWVCC). Jerry Mosteller, Chair of the Philanthropy Committee, added that “We are very pleased to be able to make this donation. We want to thank our SWVCC Members and all those who have supported our Foundation programs through their generous contributions. Without their support, our charitable award program could not exist.