To announce the 2022-1 Veteran Suicide Grant Program and to solicit applications for grant funding to support efforts to prevent Veteran suicide.


The Veterans Administration (VA) recently released its 2021 Veteran Suicide Report that covers data compiled for 2019. Nationally, it was the first glimmer of good news in many years. Nationwide, the number of Veteran suicides decreased by 399 in 2019 and the rate per 100,000 dropped 6.3%.

Unfortunately, the good news stops at the Arizona border:

  • In Arizona both the total number of Veteran suicides and the rate per 100,00 increased
  • Arizona moved from the 6th highest to the 5th highest state Veteran suicide rate

By any objective measure, this national tragedy continues at epidemic proportions in Arizona.

As a result, the SWVF will continue to embrace Veteran suicide as its signature issue.

To date, we have awarded $22,000 in Suicide Prevention Grants.


Eligibility Criteria

 To be eligible for the SWVF Veteran Suicide Prevention Grants, organizations must be IRS approved 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organizations.

Additionally, they must:

  • Be a legal entity in good standing in the state of Arizona for at least three years.
  • Have established programs in place that are directly targeted to preventing Veteran suicide or assisting families who suffer a Veteran suicide.
  • Be able to demonstrate the administration, participation, and results of its programs and operations.


The application for the 2021-2 Veteran Suicide Grant Program is attached. It is also available on our website. Applications must arrive at SWVF by July 16, 2022 and contain all necessary documents and documentation. Submit applications to:

Southwest Veterans Foundation
Attn:  Veteran Suicide Prevention Committee
3820 W Happy Valley Rd
# 141-455
Glendale, AZ 85310

Email submissions are acceptable.

Note to previous submitters:

  • If you have already received a Veteran Suicide Prevention Grant from SWVF  you are eligible to apply again.
  • If you previously received a grant and intend to apply for this grant, you do not need to submit the full application. You must complete Sections 1,2,7, and 8 and include any additional material you want the grant selection committee to consider. Section 7 is extremely important. Please include sufficient detail to allow us to assess the results/outcomes.
  • All others must complete the full application.



On/about                                      Action
Jun 29                    Announcement and application form released
Jul 16                     Applications due (late applications will be held for the next cycle of awards)
Jul 25                     Grant awards announced
TBD                        Public presentation of checks to grant recipients

Questions.    Contact Tom Sheets, t.sheets@swvcc.org, 602.677.2961

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