Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce

What does the SWVCC do for a Veteran Business Owner?southwest-veterans-chamber-foundation

We provide them with multiple resources for networking opportunities to build partnerships to grow their businesses, along with Procurement and training opportunities. We are advocates for our Veteran Owned Businesses.

What does the SWVCC do for the Unemployed Veteran?

We can pull them into a huge network of Veteran Business Owners and Patriot’s who are either looking for employees or they know someone who is. We are also building partnerships with educational programs.

Why is it important to have Patriots be a part of the SWVCC?

The Quote of “It takes a Village” comes to mind. Veterans served our Country and saluted our flag; Patriots provide support by waving our flag. Coming together building our businesses creates employment opportunities which grow our communities. It’s a wonderful thing to see partnerships growing together.

What is the main goal of the SWVCC?

We want our Veterans / Veteran Owned Business and Patriot Businesses to be successful especially in our current Economic climate. We want to assist in being the jobs creator for our returning Veterans. Our goal is to assist in establishing Arizona as being the most Veteran supportive state in the nation.