Play 18 holes of golf without leaving the comfort of your home. Support the programs and operations of the Southwest Veterans Community. Compete for three cash prizes totaling $310. You do not even have to know how to golf. What is there not to like?

This program involves a “scratcher” just like you would get out of the lottery dispenser at your local grocery store or gas station. Here is how it works. Each scratcher costs $5.00 and gives you the option to scratch off one of four golf balls on each of the 18 holes. Add up your score and submit it for verification.

There are three cash prizes for the best three scores of $150, $100, and $50 respectively. There is also a $10 “consolation prize” for the highest score!

You can purchase your Fantasy Golf Tournament scratchers at the Southwest Veterans Community Store (Community BX), by calling 602.677.2961, or at any SWVCC event.

Once you buy your cards, there are four ways you can “play your 18 holes.”

  • We will mail your card(s) to you with a return envelope. Scratch your card(s), add up your score, fill out your name and date, and mail back to SWVCC.
  • Pick your chosen option for each hole and call us at 603.677.2961. We will scratch off your designated choices and confirm your score with you.
  • Scratch off your 18 holes, add up your score, fill in your name and phone number, scan it, and email it to
  • Ask us to play your card for you.

To allow maximum participation by our Members and friends, the deadline for the submission of score cards is Monday October 26, 2020. Winners will be announced Tuesday October 27th at the Southwest Veterans Community Collaboration. If all 200 cards are sold earlier, we will announce the winners as soon as all entries have been received.

Any questions contact Tom Sheets at or 602.677.2961.

Good luck and thank you for supporting the programs and operations of the Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce and Foundation.

Leader Board

After 38 of 200 Entries

After 38 of 200 Entries Tie Breaker
Name Score Card # Prize $
Leo DeLangis 72 297 $150 Tie
Robin McCombs 72 Tie
Mike Miller 76 $50
High Score (Consolation Prize)
Ken Enfinger 108 $10

Prize amounts based on selling all 200 tickets