Southwest Veterans Foundation (SWVF)
Awards Veteran Suicide Prevention Grant to The Honor House

The SWVF announced its eighth Veteran Suicide Prevention Grant as part of its campaign “$20 to Reduce the 20 in 2020.”

The program has two goals: First to embed in the consciousness of every Arizonan that when they see, hear, or write the year 2020, that they will think of the 20 Veterans who will commit suicide that day. Secondly to raise $100,000 to provide direct financial support to non-profit organizations working to prevent Veteran suicides.

Ryan Hilbun, President of the SWVF Board of Directors, announced that “as a result of the generosity of many donors, we are able to award another grant of $1,500 to a great organizations that is diligently working to reduce Veteran suicide.”

Honor House.  Honor House represents another significant effort within our Arizona community fighting to reduce the number of Veteran suicides. They focus on “utilizing  resources from within our community and work in conjunction with traditional medical practices to provide a structured three-month program that empowers veterans to connect with healthy alternatives along their transitional and healing journey.”

Pat Upah, President of Honor House commented that this grant comes in the time of great need. “The COVID-19 Pandemic has both increased the need among our Veterans and adversely affected our ability to raise funds to support those in need.”

Tom Sheets, Executive Director, added, “we thank all our SWVCC members, SWVF sponsors, and donors whose generosity make these grants possible. We could not wage this fight without you.”

You can help SWVF achieve its $100,000 goal and award more and larger grants by donating to the  campaign:

  • Mail your check to SWVF 3820 W. Happy Valley Rd., #141-455 Glendale, AZ 85310
  • Go on-line to
  • Call 602.677.2961 with your credit card number

On behalf of the Veterans and their families who will ultimately benefit from your generosity,