Southwest Veterans Foundation Announces
Its 2022-1 Veteran Suicide Prevention Grants

The Southwest Veterans Foundation (SWVF) continues to expand its efforts to reduce Veteran suicides. Today, they announced the awarding of $1,200 grants to six grass-roots organizations on the “front lines” of Veteran suicide prevention.

These grant recipients are:

Rick Bauer, Chair of the SWVF Philanthropy Committee, pointed out that “these grass roots organizations are on the front lines of the daily battle to fight the epidemic of Veteran suicides. They represent a variety of treatment modalities, and they all do their work without using or advocating the use of psychotropic drugs. Many of their success stories were on the brink of choosing suicide. We urge you to visit the websites of these great organizations to learn more about what they do and how they do it.”

In its annual Veteran Suicide Report, the Veterans Administration (VA) was happy to report a national decline in Veteran Suicides both in terms of actual numbers and in the rate per 100,000 Veterans. Unfortunately, that good news stops at the Arizona borders. Conversely, both the actual number and rate per 100,000 Veterans increased in Arizona. Arizona now has the fifth highest Veteran suicide rate in the nation. In view of Arizona’s alarming increase in the face of a national decrease, the SWVF will again make Veteran Suicides its signature issue in 2022

Tom Sheets, Executive Director of the SWVF added, “this brings the total suicide prevention grants we have awarded to $29,200. None of these grants would have been possible without the support and generosity of our members, donors, and supporters. We will continue providing grants to deserving, effective organizations as long as our fundraising efforts provide the resources.”

The SWVF needs your help to continue our fight against this this epidemic of Veteran suicides. You can donate at any SWVF/SWVCC event, online at, by mailing your donation to SWVF 3820 W. Happy Valley Rd., #141-455 Glendale, AZ 85310 (and save us merchant services fees) or by calling 602.677.2961.

For more information about the SWVF, please visit

On behalf of the Veterans and their families who will benefit from your generosity, the SWVF thanks you