Kathy Gallowitz, a relative newcomer to Arizona, was inducted into the Central Ohio Ford Dealers 2022 Ford Oval of Honor on July 1, 2022 for her tireless work “Cultivating Civilian Veteran Champions.”

This prestigious recognition created by civilian Veteran Champions celebrates local veterans who have demonstrated an “uncommon commitment” to defend the cause of freedom in service to our country.

Gallowitz served 29 years in the U.S. Air Force as a public affairs officer or nurse. In response to 9/11, she designed and led a never-been-done-before statewide outreach program in Ohio to educate and engage civilians in support of troops and their families.

Sunshine, mountains and Arizona’s advanced Veteran-friendly ecosystem drew Gallowitz and her husband Ed, U.S. Army retired with four combat tours, to Arizona nearly three years ago. He was inducted alongside her.

She serves on the Arizona Governor’s Veterans’ Service Advisory Commission, the Southwest Veteran Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and is the Veteran-hiring Advisor for the Arizona Society of Human Resource Management.

Through her business, Vanguard Veteran, Gallowitz equips civilians to become Veteran Champions as the “Veteran-Hiring Concierge,” “Military Ministry Builder,” and “Fallen Comrades Ceremony Producer.”

Watch a short television interview at https://vanguardveteran.com/news-articles

For more information you can contact Kathy at 270-945-7286 or kathy@VanguardVeteran.com.

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