Five Fears Shared by New Veteran Entrepreneurs
by Lida Citroën

Lida Citroen identifies five fears that are commonly shared by veterans who are starting or thinking of starting new businesses. They include:

  1. Networking can feel intimidating for new business owners. Thinking of networking as relationship building is a more effective and less stressful way to look at the task.
  2. Social Media can be confusing. Utilizing it as a tool to speak meaningfully to the people a business is trying to reach allows the entrepreneur to get attention in positive ways.
  3. Relying on others is often difficult for veterans. It is essential for new business owners to recognize that that help is available and necessary for business survival. Those asked for help often feel honored to be asked.
  4. Not understanding business may limit an entrepreneur. Numerous resources exist to assist new business owners to develop their ideas and grow their understanding of how to complete all of the tasks necessary to grow their idea into a thriving business.
  5. Finding a Mentor to help build and grow one’s business is essential. Being able to rely on a mentor to give advice at various stages of business development is a resource that should not be ignored.

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