For nearly two years, Veteran suicides have been the signature charitable cause emphasized and supported by our charitable grants program. Sadly, it has now taken one from our ranks. Spencer Calzadilla was a 28-year-old Marine Veteran who joined the SWVCC just a few months ago as a representative for Liberty Mutual.

Spencer was a gregarious, outgoing, enthusiastic Veteran who exuded enthusiasm and positivity. None of us knew he was suppressing inner demons. Tragically, on March 4th, he lost the battle and took his own life.

As we have reported regularly since the last Veteran Suicide Annual Report from the Veterans Administration (VA), Arizona now has the 5th highest Veteran suicide rate in the nation.

On this very sad occasion, we have two asks for all who care about our Veterans and their families. First, please remember Spencer and continue to honor his service and his memory. Secondly, please help us continue the fight against this epidemic by supporting our Veterans Suicide Prevention campaign. All proceeds of this campaign will be invested in the fight against this scurrilous plaque. Please donate and encourage others to donate. You can donate:

To Spencer…we miss you. Thank you for your service and sacrifices for our country. Semper Fi.

To all others: On behalf of the Veterans and their families who will benefit from your generosity, we thank you.