Canceled Luncheons and Events: Inconvenience and Opportunity

by Tom Sheets

Have you had luncheons or other business networking events canceled due to the COVID-19 crisis? For most of us, the answer is “Yes.”

To be sure, the cancellation of these events has caused many inconveniences to our lives and to our businesses. But they also create new opportunities.  Many of the events that have been canceled would have included a meal or an event cost had you participated in them. Have you considered donating the money you would have spent on that luncheon or event to a worthy cause in our community?

One very worthy cause close to our hearts is the epidemic of Veteran suicide. Dr. Russell Coplean, noted suicide expert, suggested that “… it’s reasonable to anticipate that this impact of the virus will have a rippling effect on national and worldwide suicide events.” Clearly, the second and third order consequences of this crisis are likely to have disproportional consequences on those already struggling with life.

Here is one opportunity we can all embrace. We can donate the money we would have spent at luncheons and other networking events to the Southwest Veterans Foundation (SWVF) Veteran Suicide Prevention Fund.

For my part, our Community Luncheon that would have been held next Tuesday at Top Golf has been canceled. I would have spent $25 for lunch and raffle tickets. I have just completed writing a check to the SWVF Suicide Prevention Fund for that $25 and intend to continue to do so for each event that is canceled in the future.

Will you join me and work to reduce Veteran suicides with the money you would have spent elsewhere were it not for COVID-19?

You can contribute by:

  • Mailing your check to SWVF 3820 W Happy Valley Rd #141-455 Glendale, AZ 85310
  • Donating online at
  • Calling 602.677.2961 with your credit card information.

Help us turn inconvenience into opportunity—and save a Veteran’s life in the process.

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