Southwest Veterans Foundation Awards a $2,500 Veteran Suicide Prevention Grant To America’s Mighty Warriors

The Southwest Veterans Foundation (SWVF) awarded a $2,500 Veteran Suicide Prevention Grant to America’s Mighty Warriors (AMW) at the annual Marc Lee’s Birthday Fundraising Bash on April 6th at the Scottsdale Gun Club. Marc was the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq during combat in Ramadi on August 2, 2006. The keynote speaker was Kevin Lacz, a Navy SEAL medic who valiantly tried to save Marc’s life, and who trained actor Bradley Cooper for his portrayal of Chris Kyle in Amerian Sniper.  At Cooper’s urging, Kevin played himself in the movie.

Tom Sheets presents $2,500 grant to “Momma Lee.”

America’s Mighty Warriors is a non-profit organization founded by Marc’s mother, Debbie Lee, and “is dedicated to raising awareness of the selfless sacrifices our troops and their families make for the freedoms we enjoy every day.” Known affectionately by her Navy SEAL family and other supporters as “Momma Lee,” Debbie is a tireless worker and advocate for our Veterans and their families. She thanked the SWVF for their ongoing support of such an important mission.

SWVF and AMW have partnered to support Veteran Suicide Prevention and numerous specific cases of Veterans in need of financial support to fund Hyperbarci Oxygen Therapy Treatments. To learn more about AMW please visit their website at

If you want to support the SWVF’s Veteran Suicide Prevention Program you can donate at or by calling 606.677.2961. Your donations, no matter how small, enable the SWVF to provide grants to organizations like AMW.