Southwest Veterans Community Online Christmas Auction

How does this sound? Shop for Christmas from the comfort and safety of your home and over 95% of your purchase price goes to support our Veterans programs and operations?

Sure, you can shop from home for almost anything these days, but how much of your purchase goes to support non-profit organizations of your choice? Amazon Smiles, for example, donates one half of one percent of your purchase price to a charity of your choice!

Our auction will commence at 8:00 am on Saturday December 5th and run through 6:00 pm on Saturday December 12th. You can participate in the auction at:

Your support is critically needed. The Southwest Veterans Community, like most non-profit charitable organizations, has faced a significant decline in grants and donations because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and its financial and economic consequences. At the same time, the need for support and services among our Veterans and their families has increased dramatically. You will also be supporting many local businesses who have donated items.

You can access the auction site now to review the auction items but bidding will not start until 8:00 am on December 5th.

If you do not see anything you want, or you get out-bid, you can also make a financial donation.

On behalf of the Veterans and their families who will ultimately benefit from your generosity, and our local businesses who are supporting our auction