8th Annual Patriots Ball

This years theme is about honoring the families of those who have given their service for they also served and sacrificed. We are also honoring a corporate advocate and small business owner who is making a positive impact in our community. Through your generous support, veterans, disabled veterans and their family members will receive essential needs, educational support, business support and much deserved recognition of their sacrifice.

The Patriots Shield Award is presented to businesses making outstanding contributions to the Veteran community. These contributions include encouraging and assisting Veteran-owned businesses, doing business with Veteran-owned businesses, hiring Veterans and family members, supporting Veteran programs and needs in the community, and providing financial sponsorship to others who are supporting Veterans and their families. This year there will be two awards; one for large businesses and one for small businesses.

Lincoln Award

The Lincoln Award is presented to the veterans advocacy organization making outstanding contributions to the support of veterans and families in Arizona. Award recipients actively support veterans’ families through programs that assist in treatment of mental/physical ailments, employment support, housing and family support. In addition, they have demonstrated a leadership role in providing specific programs and services to veterans and their families.

Mark Ashby Memorial Award

The Mark Ashby Memorial Service Award is presented annually to a non-veteran member of the community who has provided extraordinary support to veterans and their families. The award was established in memory of former Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce chapter president, Mark Ashby. Mark was not a veteran, but his actions served as an inspiration to others. Recipients of this award distinguish themselves through service and programs that have demonstrated tangible results and outcomes to Veteran families in need.