Do you know about RED shirt Fridays?

RED stands for “Remember Everyone Deployed” and we remember them by wearing a red shirt every Friday. This growing phenomenon is a simple but meaningful way for people to show their support for our deployed troops—and their families.

There are two differing views of exactly how this trend started. One attributes it to a chain email in 2005 that encouraged people to wear red on a designated Friday to show their support for our troops. The other, and more tangible and likely explanation, is that it started in Canada in 2006 by a group of military families and supporters to show their support for Canadian troops deployed to Afghanistan as part of the Global War on Terror (GWOT).

Regardless of its actual history, it has gained traction in the United States and is increasing in popularity. One of the reasons for its growing popularity is that it is not a one and done event. Nor is it a sporadic display of support. It occurs every Friday, 52 times a year, and serves as a constant reminder that the wearer knows and appreciates the service and sacrifices of our military members—and their families.

I started by asking “do you know about RED shirt Fridays?” Now, question number two—do you participate in RED shirt Fridays? Whether you answered yes, no, or sometimes, the Southwest Veterans Community wants to encourage you to wear a RED shirt every Friday. To support you in this effort, we are offering two shirts—a polo and t-shirt—in both men and women styles at our Southwest Veterans Community Store. To purchase your shirts, please shop at our Community Store at

When you purchase your “RED shirt Friday” shirt from us you are also supporting our Veteran programs and operations. We also ask your support in passing the word and increasing the support of RED shirt Fridays among your families, friends, colleagues, and organizations. One way to do this is to share this blog on your social media.

Our final question: will you help America REMEMBER EVERYONE DEPLOYED?

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