Southwest Veterans Foundation
Announces 2022-1 Veteran Scholarship Selectees

The Southwest Veterans Foundation (SWVF) announced the four selectees of its 2022-1 $1,000 Veteran College Scholarships today. This scholarship cycle saw six applications from Veterans and family members of Veterans killed or 100% disabled through their service. Meet our four selectees:

Miguel Cervantes is a Marine veteran who served 10½ years as a Combat Engineer in the Marine Corps, including two tours in Iraq and one Afghanistan. He is a student at Arizona State University and hopes to work in Veteran services within the Maricopa Community College District.

Grant Heiden is an Army veteran who served four years as a Signal Support Specialist and is studying Organizational Leadership at Arizona State University. He is planning a career in Information Technology or Cyber Security.

Judd Hildreth is an Army Veteran who served seven years as a Logistics Specialist, including one year in Iraq, and is studying Business Administration at Paradise Valley Community College. He will either start a business or work in a related professional field.

Hyejung Park is an Army veteran who served six years of combined active and reserve duty as a Food Inspection Specialist, and who was activated for ten months during the Iraq war to serve in Germany. She is working on a Doctorate in Psychology at Arizona State University and plans to work as a policy researcher at the state or federal level, or as a research psychologist.

Will Quiala, Chair of the Scholarship Committee, said “we are pleased to be able to support the educational pursuits of these great Veterans who have answered our Nation’s call to duty to defend our freedom and our way of life.” Leo DeLangis, President of the SWVF Board of Directors, added that “these scholarships are made possible by the financial support from the Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce, those who have donated to the SWVF, those who attend or sponsor the annual Patriots Ball, and other fundraising events throughout the year. It is their support and generosity that make these scholarships possible.”

The SWVF Veteran College Scholarship is open to veterans, currently serving Reservists and National Guard, and spouses and children of veterans killed in service or 100% disabled. The next scholarship opportunity will be released in early fall 2022. Individuals and organizations can support this scholarship program by joining the SWVCC, by donating to the SWVF, or by attending or sponsoring the annual Patriots Ball. To donate, please visit the Foundation website, mail your donation to SWVF at the address below, or contact the Executive Director, whose contact information appears at the top of this press release.

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