The SWVF announced the first of four quarterly Veteran Suicide Prevention Grants to three organizations working to reduce Veteran suicides. These grants are part of the SWVF’s campaign “$20 to Reduce the 20 in 2020.” The Foundation’s Board of Directors noticed the coincidence of the 20 daily Veteran suicides and the year 2020. It also noted that Arizona has the 6th highest Veteran suicide rate among all states.

The program has two goals: First to embed in the consciousness of every Arizonan that when they see, hear, or write the year 2020, that they will think of the 20 Veterans who will commit suicide that day. Secondly to raise $100,000 to provide direct financial support to non-profit organizations working to prevent Veteran suicides.

Ryan Hilbun, President of the SWVF Board of Directors, announced that “the first three grants will go to Operation New Outlook, Team Veteran Foundation, and The Ripple Effect. We are pleased to be able to award $1,200 to each of these organizations that are diligently working to reduce Veteran suicide.”

Operation New Outlook . ( Founded and led by Dr. Barry Goodfield. They are addressing the vast needs of Veterans with PTS and TBI using a drug-free, quick and effective approach developed by Dr. Goodfield.

Team Veteran Foundation. ( Led by Navy Veteran, Gordon Brown, TVF is working to stop the Veteran suicide epidemic by treating and healing Veterans with PTS, TBI and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

The Ripple Effect. ( Wendy Shackley lost her Army Veteran son to suicide after his PTS and TBI were not addressed by military leadership and medicine. Wendy has dedicated her life to helping other Veteran families not experience this nightmare.

Tom Sheets, Executive Director, added, “we thank all our SWVCC members, SWVF sponsors, and campaign donors who made these grants possible through their generosity. We could not wage this fight  without you.”

SWVF will solicit grant applications every quarter. The number and size of grants will depend on the amount of donations received at those times. You can help SWVF achieve its $100,000 goal and award more and larger grants:

  • Mail your check to SWVF 3820 W. Happy Valley Rd., #141-455 Glendale, AZ 85310
  • Go on-line to
  • Call 602.677.2961 with your credit card number

On behalf of the Veterans and their families who will ultimately benefit from your generosity, we thank you.